Harmonics Audit

Harmonics Audit

Power harmonics are generated because of increasing use of non-linear loads like AC drives, DC drives, induction furnaces and so on . . . . . The harmonics cause deterioration of the electrical components like capacitors, transformers, motors etc… Therefore, it is necessary to measure the harmonics contents in the power supply either received from utility or generated within the plant. The Power Quality Audit is aimed that carrying out the harmonic measurement at various locations identified within the plant.

Harmonics have existed in power system for many years. The issue has, however, recently received added significance by the simultaneous setting of two trends; the electric utility’s increased use of capacitor banks attempting an improved power factor, and the industry’s widespread application of power-electronics converters.

Electric utilities are always concerned about having a high power factor, which has the advantages of reducing equipment ratings, line losses and voltage drops, thus lessening the need for voltage regulation equipments. This is, however, accompanied by the industry’s increasing use of VFD and electronic equipment which, as source of undesirable phenomena, can interact with power factor correction capacitor banks to result in voltage and current amplification.

Conventional power supply systems are designed to operate with sinusoidal waveforms. Electric utilities further strive to supply consumers with reliable and “clean” fundamental-frequency sinusoidal electric power that does not represent a damaging threat to their equipment.

Harmonics are component of a distorted periodic waveform, whose frequencies are integral multiples of the fundamental frequency.

Harmonic effects on power system can be summarized as increased losses, equipment heating and loss of life, and interference with protection, control and communication circuits as well as customer loads.

To name a few, Passive Filters, Active Filters and Hybrid Filters (combination of Active and Passive Filter) of suitable rating and design can be employed to control the harmonics. However, any solution should be installed only after thorough study of system, otherwise it may lead to rise of problems instead of relieve.

The Limit of allowable voltage and current harmonic distortion set by IEEE, IEC, EN and NORSOK.

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